My name is Mike Osborne and welcome to my web site, home of my No. 1 Racing Axe.

I've been making racing axes for the past 15 years and I'd be pleased to show you around my workshop and have a yarn about a few of my favourite axes.

Come and take a tour through my workshop and see how Osborne Racing Axes are made and what makes them distinctly different to all other racing axes on the market today.

While you are here, take a look at some of my favourite grinds, including the conventional grinds that are the axe of choice amongst those on the dais at Royal Sydney Show. There are also some of the softwood axes including the traditional Banana grind.

Naturally, once an axeman finds a grind that suits his particular style, reach and timber, making a copy of his preferred axes is the best way to generate a "stable" of thoroughbred blades. So I've designed a method where conventional grinds can be modified to suit specification. Take a look at the custom axe page and send me an email with your requirements and I'll see what I can do.

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